Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Encore - Sunday play will continue to the end of September

Since we are having such nice weather and our regulars want to better their scores before the end of the season.  Play will be extended.
Bon Chance.
Congratulation to Jeanne on her double win last week and on Peggy for her win.  Everyone is playing so well.
We also had a nice contingent from the French Conversational Meetup:  Cat, Steve, Ankit, Julia, and Alexandra.  Thanks to Julia for organizing the event, and congratulations to Alexandra, a first time player, on her first win.

Monday, September 7, 2015

20 September, last day of play

By popular demand, we will be extending the season for 2 more Sundays.
13 September and 20 September.
Hope to see everybody soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tournaments Results - 30 August 2015

      Whew !!  Nice day despite an earlier forecast for rain.   Lots of food and fun. We were happy to welcome new players:  Bud, Chris, Dorcas, Isis, & Jasmine.   Great to see old friends: Maury, Linda, Jeff, James, and Cheryl and our regulars, Gilbert, Tom, Jeanne, Randy, Mike, Dörte, Howard, & Jane.  Sorry that Larry and Fred were on the disabled list, but hope to see them both for the next tournament.  Jane, as always, ran a great show.
       Bo of the Zanesfield Pétanque Club * retained the title that he won last year, but he had to win a hard-fought playoff with James.  Congratulations to both and to Bud who came in 3rd.
*Note: the Zanesfield Pétanque Club will be hosting an NPL Singles tourney on September 27, 2015 at noon.  See their facebook page for details.
PrePlayoff scores:
1st Place:   Bo          - 3 wins + 26 pts
2nd Place:  James     - 3 wins + 26 pts
3rd Place:   Bud        - 3 wins + 18 pts

Bud, Bo, & James