Monday, September 8, 2014

Improving your Game !

Here are three good articles about improving your game.
[even though I have provided active links, I would suggest as
good internet hygiene to independently google the key words,
and you should get the right sites.].  Bon Chance !

Improving your pétanque game - the Ferg Method
Ma Methods - Marco Foyot
Winning Pétanque

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Playing Together Builds Community

Pétanque, similar to bocce, is one of the world's fastest growing outdoor sports. Simple to learn; challenging to master.

  • What is Pétanque ?
  • Why is Pétanque the Ultimate Social Sport ?
  • What are the Rules of the Game ?
What is Pétanque ?

A distant relative of horseshoes and a cousin to the Italian game of bocce, pétanque developed in France in the early 1900’s. It is one of Europe’s most popular outdoor games and is growing fast in the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia. It is also a professional sport.

The aim is to toss a number of hollow steel balls (boules) as close as possible to a small target ball, called a jack or cochonnet (meaning "piglet" in French). Players take turns and the team that ends up nearest to the target ball, once all balls are played, wins.

While in horseshoes the aim stake is fixed, pétanque’s target ball may be hit at any time, which can completely turn around the score at the last second. And whereas bocce calls for a smooth court, pétanque is played on a rougher, more informal surface.

Why is Pétanque the Ultimate Social Sport ?
  • Way to meet neighbors and make new friends
  • Plenty of time for chat
  • No special athletic ability need
  • Good sport for grandparents and grandchildren
  • Ideal pick-up sport: come alone, with partner, or with family
  • All ages and abilities, play from a wheelchair
  • Teams informally formed and reformed
  • Free, no club or game fees

What are the Rules of the Game ? (from Pétanque America)

1The game is played by 2 teams of 1, 2, 3 or 4 players.
Teams of 1 or 2 players use 3 boules per player. Teams of 3 or 4 use 2 boules per player.
2Toss a coin to choose which team will start. A player on this team chooses the starting point by drawing a circle of about 20 inches in diameter.
3This player tosses the little target ball between 18 and 30 ft away, but not closer than 20" from any obstacle or boundary. The thrower's feet must stay inside the circle until the target ball has reached the ground.
4Any player from this team then throws the first boule, trying to place it as close as possible to the target ball. Again, both feet must remain inside the circle when throwing.
5A player of the second team comes into the circle and tries to throw a boule even closer to the target ball. Or knocks away the first team's leading boule. The boule nearest to the target ball leads.
6It's up to the team not leading to throw until they get a leading boule. Then it's up to the other team again.
When a team has no boules left the other team throws their remaining boules and tries to place them as close as possible to the target ball.
7When neither team has any boules left the points are counted.
Only the leading team scores: as many points as it has boules that are closer to the target than the best one of the losing team.
In the example on the left, the "blue" team has 3 boules closer to the target ball than the nearest boule from the "green" team, and thus gets 3 points.
8An "end" is over when each team has thrown all its boules. The winning team starts a new end, by drawing a circle where the previous end finished, and tossing the target ball again.
The game continues until one of the teams has accumulated 13 points.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Tournament - August 24, 2014

Great weather - Jane ran a great tournament with lots of food and fun.  New players:  Laurie, Karen, and James played great games.  Fun with our friends from Detroit, Ohio, and North Carolina.
Tournament Rankings (3 & 2 game winners):

1 Bo 3+31;   2 BobM 3+28;   3 Lance 3+27;  4 Howard 3+22;
5 Shannon 2+9;  6 Jeanne 2+8;   7 Randy 2+5;  8 Josh 2+4;  9 Jeff 2+1

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ann Arbor French Conversational Group Meetup

Samedi, le 26 juillet 2014 :  Saturday, July 26, 2014:
Nous avions le bon temps malgré quelques prédictions de pluie. Quinze joueurs se sont amusés en échangeant des mots et boules. Les nouveaux joueurs ont appris très vite avec l'aide des joueurs expérimentés.
We had good weather despite some predictions of rain.  Fifteen players had a good time exchanging words and boules.  The new players learned very quickly with the help of the experienced players.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Tournament - September 8, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

Tournament Results:
Perfect weather.  Lots of fun.  Jane provided her wonderful brownies, sandwiches, fruit and veggies; Sushi from Yotsuba, and cookies from Jeanne.  Jane ran another great event.    Good mix of experienced and new players.  Old friends and new ones.  Wonderful to welcome the Ruals (Sandra, Jeff, and Michel) and the Blaskes (Tom and Many) and our faithful friends from Ohio (Bo and Josh).  We missed Gilbert who really wanted to participate but is on the road to recovery.   Thanks to everyone for coming!

Name Wins Point Diff
Ando Howard   3    26
Blaske Tom

Dahl Cheryl

Dechape Jeannette    3    18
Dechape Michel

Gottsman Tom

Harrison James

Horvath Jeanne

Horvath Larry

Jellis Ian   3    20
Johns Bo     2    15
Kotsaris Josh

Levy George   2     9
Levy Linda

Rual Jeff   2     6
Rual Michel

Steffek Blaske Mary

Widen Jeff

Complements of  Tom G.

Enrollment is limited to 24 players; bystanders are welcome.  If you wish to participate send an email to::
Please include: Name(s) of players (# of non-players),and a phone number for last minute changes.

Open to everyone, novice & experienced players as well as children over 8 years old.
We can provide boules to those new to the sport.
Teams of triplets will be randomized.
Food/drinks, prizes, and fun.

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Pétanque Season Starts 12 May @ 2:00 p.m.

Come join us for fun and friendly competition.  Newcomer lessons, tutorials, and tournaments.  We have boules you can use;  just bring yourself or come with friends.  We have a egalitarian way of choosing teams that is fun and instructive.  Contact the Senior Center in Burns Park if you want to borrow boules on other days.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season's End. Boo Hoo Until Spring - Burr ! Getting Cold !

What a great season, great weather, and great play.  Regular and Tournament play saw a lot of new players and great fun.  Weather today and beyond seems to be colder, so we must bid farewell for now.  Stay tuned in for our Spring Restart.  à bientôt'.