Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tournaments Results - 30 August 2015

      Whew !!  Nice day despite an earlier forecast for rain.   Lots of food and fun. We were happy to welcome new players:  Bud, Chris, Dorcas, Isis, & Jasmine.   Great to see old friends: Maury, Linda, Jeff, James, and Cheryl and our regulars, Gilbert, Tom, Jeanne, Randy, Mike, Dörte, Howard, & Jane.  Sorry that Larry and Fred were on the disabled list, but hope to see them both for the next tournament.  Jane, as always, ran a great show.
       Bo of the Zanesfield Pétanque Club * retained the title that he won last year, but he had to win a hard-fought playoff with James.  Congratulations to both and to Bud who came in 3rd.
*Note: the Zanesfield Pétanque Club will be hosting an NPL Singles tourney on September 27, 2015 at noon.  See their facebook page for details.
PrePlayoff scores:
1st Place:   Bo          - 3 wins + 26 pts
2nd Place:  James     - 3 wins + 26 pts
3rd Place:   Bud        - 3 wins + 18 pts

Bud, Bo, & James