Tuesday, August 28, 2018

2018 Tournament - 26 August - Results and Winners

We had great weather Sunday as it was not quite as hot at predicted and no rain.
Food and competition enjoyed by all 12 participants.  Great to see our friends from
the Zainsfield, OH and the Detroit Clubs.  Thanks Bo, Ron, Lucy, and Jeff, and our own Dörte who prevented a clean OH sweep.  [there is a rumor that Lucy gives lessons, but is as expensive as Marco Foyot].  Let's hope Pétanque will be a demonstration sport in the 2024 Olympics.

And the winners are:
1.  Bo:      13-8, 13-3, 13-9
2.  Lucy:   13-1, 10-9, 13-9
3.  Dörte:  13-8, 13-3, 13-12